saka energy healing ubud

A Blissful Sanctuary to Reborn

Ubud is known as a wellness center in Bali and being the hub of healthy living. Located in Bisma street which only walking distance from Ubud Centre, Saka Energy Healing invites you into a world of indulgent spa and beauty rituals. Whether you are under-slept or overworked, melt your stress away as our therapist will suit your body needs with indulging treatment.

As one of the spa in Ubud, we take pride in continually offering the finest quality in every service we provide. Enjoy a heavenly relaxation with various treatment to help you restore your balance and find your calm. To complete your reborn session, request a yoga session and craft a personalized journey of wellness. Each guest is offered a moment in paradise to reconnect with the inner-self, feel the energy purity flowing and bring back the awareness into being.